Exercise Bikes For Seniors: Everything You Should Know

Keeping healthy and stay in shape can get increasingly harder with age, as the muscle structure starts to decline while pain and aches tend to decrease the pleasure of working out. But working out is extremely beneficial to everyone, no matter the age or the physical condition. Indeed, harder does not mean impossible. There are several ways to keep a healthy body, even as a senior.

One of the best ways to exercise for aging bodies is cycling. Using an exercise bike brings many benefits: it helps you keep your heart healthy, to have a functioning cardiovascular system and keep fit while reducing the impact on your joints. One of the great things about it is that you can get your exercise done in the comfort of your home, without having to subscribe to a gym or having to venture in uncomfortable weather conditions. You can easily purchase an exercise bike and add cycling to your daily routine.

If you want to learn more about exercise bikes for seniors and why are they really good for the health of aging bodies, here is an essential guide on everything you should know about this low-impact sport that has the power to do wonders for your health.

Why Is Cycling So Good For Seniors?

Have you ever asked yourself if investing in a stationary bike for your home gym was a wise decision? Well, the short answer is that it is. Stationary bikes are a good way to exercise for all ages and conditions, but especially for seniors. Cycling has been found to improve immunity as well as brain and heart health.

What makes exercise bikes so good for seniors is the fact that they increase your heart rate, maximize the chances of having a healthy and well-functioning body, while reducing the amount of wear and tear on your body. Safety while exercising is always important but it becomes a bigger concern as you get older. With stationary bikes, senior has the opportunity to work out no matter the weather or the time of their day without putting at risk their health and safety.

Exercise bikes for seniors are excellent options to maintain a healthy body and they are a much better choice for aging people as compared to outdoor bikes. First of all, you won’t be subjected to any of the balance challenges posed by traditional outdoor bikes nor you’ll have to worry about cycling too far from home and you’ll never be stopped from exercising by bad weather conditions. A stationary bike will allow you to monitor your workout more accurately and keep track of your heart rate or your progress. Most stationary bikes track your mileage, the calories burned and your pulse. You’ll be able to adjust your sitting, the speed, the resistance, and intensity of your cycling session, which will help you getting fitter and more endurant.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Stationary Bike As Part Of Your Fitness Routine?

Indoor cycling should be part of your daily routine because of the many benefits it provides. It lowers blood pressure and stress levels while helping you maintain a healthy heart and strengthen your hip and leg muscles. Because it is classified as a low-impact activity, it is perfect for seniors that are put off from exercising because of joint pains and body aches.

Cycling will reduce your muscle mass decline but also help you to keep stable body fat levels and improve the amount of cholesterol in your body.

Some studies even found that cycling regularly positively affects the activity levels of the genes influencing mitochondrial health, which is linked to aging and the decline of health in cells.

Not only that, but cycling will also have positive effects on your mood and your brain activity. Researchers found that cycling regularly can prevent cognitive decline and protect the brain from damage by improving blood flow to your brain and increasing the levels of the brain-derived neurotrophic factor.

Apart from the above-listed benefits, the investment on exercise bikes for seniors to increase their dose of daily sport is worth it, because it will help you feel better and stronger without all the negative effects of higher impact kinds of exercise.

What Is The Best Type Of Stationary Bike For Aging Bodies?

So by now, you might have an idea of why are exercise bikes for seniors so beneficial. But what is the best type of stationary bike you should invest in for better results and why?

Of all the different types of stationary bikes, the best exercise bike option for seniors is the recumbent bike. That is because your feet will be extended in front of you, for better comfort and posture. Additionally, recumbent bikes have a pad to support your back that reduces strain and the amount of stress posed to your lower back. If you have a knee or hip replacement, on a recumbent bike you can choose to sit on a padded seat, which reduces, even more, the amount of load on your joints and increases comfort to your pelvis. Also, by keeping a reclined position while cycling, you’ll be able to easily maintain balance on a recumbent bike.

If you are looking for one of the best exercise bikes for seniors, look no further than a recumbent bike.

The Bottomline

All in all, we can easily say that exercise bikes are extremely beneficial for seniors. Getting some exercise daily is very important at any age, but aging might make running, going to the gym or even walking a bit harder. That, however, should not stop you from getting your daily dose of exercise.

Exercise bikes, especially recumbent exercise bikes are the best solutions for seniors who are willing to live healthily, have a well-functioning organism and better overall strength, without posing any risk to safety or increasing joint or back pain. They are not only easy to use and safe, but they are also a very flexible and adaptable way to exercise no matter the weather conditions or the time of the day.

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