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Build the Best Home Gym for You

The reason I built OnlineStrengthTraining.com

First and foremost I built this website as a way for others to experience the freedom of time and save some money.  In my experience, I’ve found that purchasing a home gym pays for itself over. It also allows you to save time driving to and from the gym.  Increases focus during your workouts and provide flexibility with childcare, workout timing (you can work out whenever you like), and the ability to focus much more deeply.

My personal experience with building a home gym illustrated the fact that many sites related to the home gym concept only seek to push expensive products and the reviews can be lacking at times.  At OnlineStrengthTraining.com I seek to provide honest reviews that hold the truth about the home gym experience and help you to reach the best version of you.

Further, in my personal journey as an NCAA athlete and competitive powerlifter for decades, I’ve found that fitness cannot be pushed to the side.  My powerlifting story ended with injury and moved me to a different kind of workout.  I now focus on full-body workouts only 2 days a week with a lot of cardio on the other days of the week.  I’m active 7 days a week be it in my home gym or out in nature.  

I hope you enjoy my honesty and find success along your path.



Former NCAA athlete and powerlifter that enjoys writing, working out and helping others find the path that works best for them. I'm passionate about helping you find the best version of yourself.